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Spotify – History of Logo, Meaning and Music Streaming App


Overview -Spotify

Listeners may access millions of itunes and podcasts through Spotify online music streaming service, which was launch in 2006. A Spotify logo PNG file is widely utilized by internet users in a range of online projects since the company’s initial logo was release in 2008. Unhiding a song on Spotify is also cover in this blog. You can find out more by reading the rest of the story.

Spotify Streaming Music and Podcasts

One of the most popular music and podcast streaming services with 172 million paid customers worldwide. Millions of audio tracks and podcasts in a variety of genres and languages may streamed by internet users through the service introduced in 2006. Additionally, Spotify provides its users with the ability to construct their own unique music libraries and playlists.

The best part of Spotify is how omnipresence is. Using the online player, the desktop PC, or the mobile app, everyone with an Internet connection may simply listen to Spotify’s music on many devices (both Android & iOS). Spotify can be accessible on smartwatch, TV and gaming console devices. The music streaming service has swept the globe in a few short years after its launch. 

Spotify Logo & Evolution

The Spotify logo was create in 2008. Spotify’s logo has evolved significantly since its inception in 2008. The logo has updated twice in the past 12 years, but the brand’s personality has stayed the same. Let’s dive into the different phases of Spotify logo updates.

First Logo of Spotify – 2008

Spotify’s initial logo was based on a design that was popular in the 2000s. The early Spotify logo was a white serif font with the brand name inscribed in it. Avocado green as the backdrop for a logo was unusual. Even among the world’s largest corporations, the use of green as a primary branding hue is still quite unusual. 

A little darker shade of the lettering’s outline was employed to increase the contrast between it and the surrounding background. The slightly sloping curving line above the word ‘O’ has been inserted by the corporation to give the logo an attractive appearance. The addition was created as a nod to sound waves and as a metaphor for the way music is delivered over the internet. There were no minor changes to the original logo from 2008 to 2013.

Spotify Logo From 2013 to 2015

It wasn’t until 2013 that logo underwent a complete overhaul. As part of the logo modification, the wordmark and the square backdrop were deleted by the designer. In addition, a new logotype was create, which comprises a lemon green circle with three white arc-shaped lines running through it. Spotify was write in black Gotham Medium on the right side of the logotype. Thick stripes, an even typeface, and a great color combination made the new logo appealing and easy to remember.

Logo from 2015 to Till Date

Spotify’s official signature was last update in 2015. The logo give a new, more appealing design with a few minor tweaks. The word mark’s lemon green circle and black font color have been modifi to a more vibrant green. The white arc-shaped lines remained. Compared to the lemon green, the brighter green seems more neon-colored.

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify? 

The most often asked question regarding Spotify is “how to unhide a song on Spotify.” This is that some tracks or songs may hidden on the mobile or desktop application. As a regular user of music streaming service, you may have come into the same issue.

It’s possible that a Spotify music you’ve downloaded or saved will go missing or hidden. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can quickly unhide a song on Spotify, which is a nice thing. To unhide a song on Spotify, follow these instructions:

Final Words

Easy to remember and recognizable logos are an integral element of successful branding. Logos that are both simple and inventive stand out from the crowd. The logo is one of the most recognisable in the world. In addition to being eye-catching, the logo of this music streaming business is lively, interesting, and fascinating. Spotify’s logo sets it apart from its competitors in the music-streaming sector. 

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